Right To Play trainings support Community Mentors (CMs) in designing, delivering and measuring programs that work to build positive life-skills and leadership skills for children and youth. Trainings provide a safe, playful space for CMs to build a community of support, learn and share with one another, and practice strategies for using play-based learning in their programs.

PLAY Fall 2018 Seasonal Report

PLAY East Fall Training welcomed CMs who were new to the role this year. The goals of the training were for CMs to:

  • Understand all aspects of their role as a CM.
  • Acquire the knowledge and tools to launch programs that reflect their goals for youth.
  • Build their confidence in running outcome-driven programs for children and youth.
  • Learn and share techniques to incorporate youth voice into their programs.
  • Build a tight-knit community with their fellow CMs and Right To Play staff.

Three Knowledge Keepers were on site at PLAY East Training: Bear Standing Tall (Onion Lake Cree Nation), Conrad Jones/Elk Turns Around (Black, Lakota, Tslagi) and Laini Lascelles (Lunapeew - Anishnabwe – Mohawk). These Knowledge Keepers contributed to the safe and culturally-relevant space through traditional songs, teachings about the water, stories of two-spirited roles and talking circles.

PLAY Fall 2018 Seasonal Report

Both new and returning CMs attended PLAY West Fall Training.

The goals of the training were:

  • To introduce new CMs to outcome-based programming.
  • For new CMs to build strategies around creating a safe and inclusive program.
  • For returning CMs to amplify their existing programs and youth leadership strategies.
  • For all CMs to learn new games, explore new resources and build youth voice into all aspects of programming.

Onsite support was provided by psychosocial support worker Nancy James (Cowichan Tribes), Knowledge Keeper Debra Grant (West Moberly First Nations) and Paul Wechselberger (Lifeguard Outreach Society).

PLAY Fall 2018 Seasonal Report
PLAY Fall 2018 Seasonal Report
“Excited to get back to work and bring all this new knowledge to my community!” – COMMUNITY MENTOR, FALL TRAINING