What is Play Your Part?

Play Your Part is a free online resource geared towards grades three to eight that demonstrates how play-based learning can positively teach global citizenship, gender equality and student leadership with info packages, training guides and leader toolboxes.

Is there a cost associated with Play Your Part?

Thanks to Global Affairs Canada, there is no cost to use the online resource. By using the materials made available to you, we hope that you and your students have learned more about Right To Play and the importance of play-based learning for kids across the globe. We do ask that every school involved consider fundraising in support of Right To Play as part of their Challenge project.

Of course, we are grateful for your support at any level. If every student is able to fundraise $1, they are still able to make a great impact. A donation of $50 alone helps one child in Right To Play programs by providing him or her with play for an entire year. At the end of the day, what really matters to us is that your students are able to learn as much as they can through Play Your Part and have the opportunity to realize their potential as leaders in their community.

What cities do you operate in?

Play Your Part is available to educators across Canada.

What is the Play Your Part Challenge?

The Challenge is a nationwide, student-led schools fundraiser in support of Right To Play. All students within participating schools will have the opportunity to participate in unique and exclusive educational games, skill-building mini challenges, and impactful fundraising activities. Through the Challenge, students connect and meaningfully engage with the work of Right To Play and begin to see themselves as agents of social change.

How do I submit funds that my school raises?

Online donations: Please submit your donation here.

Offline donations: A teacher will need to notify Right To Play of their cash donation. You can send a cheque, made out to Right To Play International, to the following address:

Right To Play
Attn: Play Your Part
18 King Street East, 14th Floor
Toronto, ON M5C 1C4

Where does the money we raised go?

Great question! All funds raised go where there is the most need for our programs. There is an excellent overview of where your money goes here.

Is it available in French?

Yes! We strive to make all our resources bilingual.

Where does Right To Play work?

Right To Play provides programming in many different countries around the world. Find a full list here

I know you work internationally, but what are you doing for students here at home?

Right To Play is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and runs a wide range of programs for Canadian children. Learn more about our programs in Canada here.

What do the Right To Play programs look like?

Right To Play programs leverage a play-based learning methodology to teach quality education, demonstrate good health practices, build life skills, promote gender equality and foster peaceful communities. Learn more about how our programs are designed and delivered here.

I have some extra sports equipment lying around. How do I donate it to Right To Play?

Unfortunately, Right To Play cannot accept clothing and/or equipment donations. This is due to the high cost of shipping and the resources required to manage and distribute such donations. We also make an effort to fulfill our equipment needs locally, to further invest in the communities where we work.

You haven’t answered my question. What now?

Please feel free to contact us with your question here.

In 2018, Right To Play launched the Gender-Responsive Education and Transformation (GREAT) project with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada. Active in three countries, Ghana, Mozambique and Rwanda, GREAT uses Right To Play's play-based learning approach to remove barriers to education, especially for girls, and to build teacher capacity to improve learning outcomes.