Bring play back to your classroom.

We created the Playbook for educators to enhance their students' understanding of social justice issues around the world. We adapted our international program to align with Canadian curriculum expectations using creative, interactive games and activities that are fun and educational. The Playbook is designed for grades 4 - 6 and is comprised of 17 units based on experiential learning. Click on the unit heading below for support materials that include fast facts, videos and extra activities to use in your classroom.


Unit 1: Are You a Survivor? 
Unit 2: Sport and Play for Development
Unit 3: Look After Yourself, Look After One Another
Unit 4: Refugees in Thailand
Unit 5: Child Soldiers of South Sudan
Unit 6: Balls from Leather Scraps in Uganda
Unit 7: Energizing Everyone in Ethiopia
Unit 8: Working Together in Tanzania
Unit 9: Chinese Counts!
Unit 10: Girls in Pakistan
Unit 11: Operation Immunization in Mali
Unit 12: Making A Difference! Volunteering in Liberia
Unit 13: Give the Gift of Health to Ghana
Unit 14: World Water Day in Peru
Unit 15: First Nations in Canada
Unit 16: Right To Play’s Athlete Ambassadors
Unit 17: Move Mountains