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Get involved in our community-based initiatives and have fun doing it. There are no small potatoes around here; every nickel raised helps create a healthy and safe world for children.

Local events have a unique impact on our fundraising and awareness efforts. In Canada, educating your friends, family and co-workers by using your networks and through word of mouth allows us to keep our costs low and direct funds where they are needed most. Join a playful team of individuals—from Surrey, British Columbia to Truro, Nova Scotia—who are working together to help children around the world.



Find out what’s happening in our office and across the country. Read success stories about events hosted by your fellow Canadians and find out what exciting opportunities are coming up.

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Sign up for one of our signature events or become an entrepreneur and create your own fundraising campaign.

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Our events come in all sizes, shapes and forms―there’s truly something for everyone.

Find out how you can buy tickets or participate in a local event.

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A fundraiser has two best friends: motivation and a tool box.

Check out our handy resources, ideas and guidelines. They will help you reach your goals.

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